Monday, October 21, 2013

A Reminder

I was reminded the other day of how old Noah really is. I was doing dishes and glanced up out the kitchen window. I seen Noah racing across the yard, running as fast as he could go, holding a paper airplane as high as he could. He had the biggest smile on his face, and that moment of watching him seemed to freeze. It connected with me so powerfully. I instantly was reminded that my son is 8.

This past year, he has been expected to do things that make adults crumble. He has been faced with challenges that a lot of ordinary people would break under the pressure of. He has had to be brave and courageous. He has had to become knowledgeable and responsible for things that kids shouldn't have to be. And I have often forgot that. Throughout these last 16 months, many times I have expected him to do things that are more than incredible. And he has. And so when I seen him flying that airplane across the yard, it made me think of how precious and young and innocent my little boy is. And that he is still capable of being that even after all that he has been through and will continue to face.

It was a huge reminder to me to let him be a kid at all times possible. Because there are still so many times where he has to put on that brave face and have an inch long thick needle pierced though his chest every month. Carrying medicine that kills cells, good and bad. That come with a slew of side effects that make your head spin every time you read them. He still has to take chemo every single day. Every day. And he does, without complaint. Yes, my son is amazing. And I need to let him be that silly fun loving boy more often. I need to do that with all my children. They have all had challenges this last year. I need to be more thankful of the times they are just being kids.

Thank you for your prayer. It is felt. Continue to pray that Noah will beat this cancer. That it will never invade his body again, and that he will gain so much more from having it, than from what he lost as a kid. Pray for Holly, it seems as though she is at her breaking point with Noah. And she is really struggling to tolerate him. Pray for Coltan. The surgeon called and he wants to do another xray or possible CT scan in March after he turns 2. With surgery to remove the malformed part of the lung next year. Pray that when they do the xray or CT, that his lung will be healed. And that surgery will not be necessary. The thought of another child of mine having surgery is too hard right now to think about.
thank you all, Melissa

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