Monday, May 6, 2013

The start of Summer

I will try to be more diligent and update more often, but things have been so well lately that it's easy to forget about the blog and updating and reporting the positives. Which is terrible, and something I need to learn to do better at.

Noah is doing well. Really well. He had a bout of mouth sores a couple weeks ago, but through prayer and teeth brushing like mad, they are gone! So thankful for that. He has not gotten the flu, or even so much as a cold throughout this flu season. Its really been a miracle. He continues to go to school full time, missing only 1 day a month for chemo in Winnipeg. His hair has completely grown back and he goes to school and everywhere else without his hat now. Its so nice to see. And I think it makes him feel normal too.

He has started swimming lessons with school and is really enjoying them. I was worried that the kids would question his thin hair, or his scars on his chest from both ports, but its all been really good.

I think we are all feeling really anxious about this summer approaching. Last summer was such a bust, and so this year it feels like we all just cant wait to get in the camper and go! And just do as much as we possibly can.

Noah is still having major attitude problems, and the psychiatrist hasn't contacted us yet. He can be so mean to Holly still, and it just drives Chris and I mad with frustration. So we really need some prayer for that please.

Holly and Coltan are well. Coltan is not showing any signs of his malformations causing problems. He is walking and just so adorable. Holly is almost done preschool and had her kindergarten interview for the fall. She is so looking forward to going. I wish that Noah would be able to help her on the bus and find her class, but they just do not have a good enough relationship. It's sad for me.  I just wanted my kids to get along and love and care for each other. But that's not our family. Please pray that will change.

Prayer Requests: That Noah will be healed of this cancer and it will never ever return to his body. That Holly will remain healthy and that Coltan's lung will be healed. That Chris and I will have wisdom as parents should for their children.
Thank you all so much - Melissa-

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  1. We wish you all the very best for a Great Summer!!!