Friday, March 7, 2014


Well the time has drawn near, very near to be sure. 3 more sleeps until we board the plane. I think we are in the clear, we have pulled the kids from school to eliminate excess exposure to illness and such. We havn`t gone to church, nothing. We have been in lock down mode. Needless to say I think we are all really ready to get to Disney Land! I have been homeschooling, which was waaaaay harder than I thought. Especially during a chemo-steroid week. Some days were impossible to get things done. But we managed.

I have been feeling anxious. Coltan`s lung issue creeps into my head, and I have had to really work with myself to not let the crazy thoughts get out of control. I am also a bit nervous for flying, and flying with the kids too. Thank goodness we will have all the grandparents with us!

I think we are all finally letting ourselves become excited for this trip. The kids knew that if someone got sick close to the trip, then we couldn`t go. Our kids have had to act much more mature than their age allows. They have been asked to do really hard things, and they have. But now, we are 3 sleeps away, and it really feels like we are actually going to go. Please pray no one gets sick!!! We really want to go. We need to go.

We are all so excited to stay at Give Kids The World Village. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We can travel back to Disney, but we will never be able to stay there again. It seems so amazing, and we just cant wait.

So, our flight leaves Monday March 10 at 3pm. Please pray for us. For all of our health. That we will manage well on the flight, and that we will have an amazing week. That none of us will be sick, that we can just be together and have this time as a family.

Thank you all for your love and support. We couldnt make it without it.

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  1. Thank You Jesus for this opportunity! But Lord in these remaining hours before the planned departure we pray that YOU will give peace and health to this family as only YOU can give. You are the God of miracles so we thank You in advance that this family will sleep tonight in peace. We thank You that their lives and experiences will bring honour and glory to YOU!!!! Wendy Ward