Saturday, February 15, 2014


We are feeling very defeated today. Feeling like our trip will never happen. Holly came down with a fever last night, sore throat, headache, no appetite and no energy. All signs of chicken pox. If this is the case, the boys will be at risk for getting them over our trip. This is awful. It feels as though we cannot get a break. It is constantly one thing after another.

We had just gotten the go ahead from the surgeon for Coltan to fly on Thursday. I was just starting to accept this and actually starting to think about the trip again. And now this. It's like we can't even process one thing before the next thing hits.

We have sent Holly to grandma and grandpa's for at least 2 nights. What good this is, we don't know. Honestly, how can we prevent this? I feel like a horrible mom for sending my poor sick little girl away. When all I want to do is hold her and take care of her.

We are so tired of doctors, and hospitals, and sickness, and the possibility of sickness. Its neverending. Ever.

We also just made the decision to pull the kids from school because of all the chicken pox outbreaks. Now I am wondering if it's all too late. Or just a big waste of time and energy.

Please pray for us. This trip is so important for us. But it feels like its just slipping away. Please pray that Holly will get better, her fever will break and it wont be chicken pox. Please pray that Noah and Coltan remain healthy. This is so stressful. So hard. Please pray that Chris and I can remain hopeful. It's really hard sometimes. Please pray that we remain positive and faithful, and hopeful.



  1. Father God.
    We pray for your hand of protection on this family. We pray that you will give them peace and strength as they make decisions in the next few days. Lord, we pray for your healing hand on each on in this family. From chicken pox to cancer God we pray that you will lay your hand of healing on them. God we ask that if this is your will that you will allow them this little pocket of joy by going on their trip. God we pray for strength for Chris and Melissa as they parent their children. We pray for wisdom in this tough situation. God we ask you to bind Satan from any more attacks on them - be it emotional or physical. God we ask that through all of this that YOUR name will be lifted high and that praise and glory will be given to you through this situation! We pray knowing you hear us and love us. In your precious name we ask these things. Amen

  2. Wendy Ward Holyrood, OntarioFebruary 15, 2014 at 8:21 PM

    Lord we thank YOU that YOU are the God who knows all and YOU have told us to ask. So even though I do not know this family I know that they have been called for such a time as this. YOU hold them in the palm of YOUR hand but right now they need to feel YOUR presence and peace. We thank YOU for what YOU are going to do through and with this family to bring honour and glory to YOU!