Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Summers End.

Well, September is almost over, and that means so is summer. On that scary fourth of July evening I believed it was a summer lost. But, as it turned out the Lord gave us many new and great summer memories this year. I am so thankful for the couple camping trips we got in this year, and so glad that the kids were able to enjoy at least a bit of what our usual summer looks like.

It feels like things are eerily normal. Kids are fighting, Noah is in school, Holly in preschool. We are doing most of our normal activities, going to church and so on. It feels good but different in a way that I can't explain. Maybe it's that new normal that we have been trying to find for the last 2 1/2 months. This round of chemo is different too. I don't have to give him any meds at home except on the weekends. And that feels nice, but so different than what we had come to know. Now Noah is going for chemo IV every 10 days. So this week we didn't even have to drive into the city, which also felt very strange. It feels like I am managing better. I am able to cook and bake (not that I need to, our freezer is still FULL!) but as a friend of mine who is going through a cancer diagnosis in one of her children as well said; it was just nice to feel normal and cook for my family again. And it's true. It feels nice to do things that I did before Noah had cancer. It will feel so nice when we get to that place where we can be a help to others in need. The love and grace and generosity that have been shown to us has inspired me to do so for others. I look forward to that.

This time of year is my favorite time of year. I love the fall. It's this time of year that makes me think of my grandma who will be gone 4 years in January. I think of her for several reasons. She was a canner, and I remember the way her house smelled of vinegar and pickled beets and cucs. I love that smell and I had to can some beets this year just so I could smell that vinagery smell and think of her. She had cancer. It has been hard to explain to Noah and Holly about why she died and why we believe that Noah will not die from cancer. But it just reminds me of how the Lord places people and different experiences in our lives for His purpose. Grandma taught me many things while she walked this earth, and she continues to while in Heaven. God has given me amazing people in my life, all for purposes that I can't know until sometimes they are gone, or we walk a path that is so very unfamiliar.

Yes, I feel better about the diagnosis. Is it our new normal that we are getting used to, or is it the Lord working in my life, answering prayer, revealing Himself and showing me what grace and mercy is like.

Prayer requests: pray that Noah's leukemia will be completely healed and never ever return. Pray that he does well in school and wants to go (he had a bad day today). Pray that his body handles this round of chemo well without the bad side effects. Pray that Holly can deal well with our changing lifestyle, and adjust to it. Coltan is going for a CT scan soon, pray that his lung is completely healed and that he will not need surgery to remove the part that didn't develop properly.

Thank you all again for all your support,


  1. Thanks for the update. It is encouraging to hear how things are going and how you are feeling back to normal (in some ways).
    We will continue to pray for your family and the requests above!


  2. I agree with Jody. It is nice to hear the blessings amidst the trials. God's continued blessings on your entire family.