Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 6

Noah is currently having his 2nd blood transfusion (the first was last Wednesday). He is very pale and weak, and his appetite is not very good right now, although he had a good breakfast this morning.

He is having difficulty moving today because his chest and neck are so sore from his surgery last night, where he had a port put in his chest. It is a semi-permanent IV where meds can go in and blood can come out, without having to stick him with needles all the time. We are also possibly starting to see some bad attitude from him, which is one of the side effects from one of his chemo meds.

It is difficult to watch him like this, as all you want to do is take all his pain on yourself. It is a very helpless, sickly feeling. We are, however, still optimistic that we might be able to come home on Friday.

Continue to pray.......

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  1. We are praying. I wish there were words that could comfort, but none seem good enough. {hugs}