Thursday, July 19, 2012

For the kids

When we first started this blog, the intent was to keep you all informed about Noah and updated. I didn't realize that I would use it so much as an outlet for my emotions. So, as I speak to some of my friends and family that have children, I learned that they are reading some of what we blog to them. Which is totally fine and wonderful. But I do realize that some of it may be hard to read and hard for them to understand as well. Nevermind all the questions that they have. So I thought that I should write something to all the kids that would like to hear about Noah, so here goes...

Hi there guys, this is Noah's mom. Some of you know me as Noah's mom:), Miss Melissa, or in very special circumstances Missy:)  I thought that I should let you know how Noah is feeling these days. He is home from the hospital and having fun playing video games. Its hard for him to play outside because he gets tired very easily. And he should not be in the sun too much either.  Noah has to take alot of medicine that is not very fun, so if you could remember to pray for him that taking his medicine would get easier, that would be great! One thing that lots of kids want to know, is what will happen when Noah loses his hair? Noah feels ok about losing his hair, but let's remember not to laugh when that happens because that will hurt his feelings. And besides, it will grow back one day.  Some of you may want to know whats wrong with Noah. Noah has something called leukemia. That is also called cancer. Cancer can be a very scary word because maybe you had a grandma or a grandpa that had cancer and got very very sick, or even died. But cancer in kids is different that in adults. So let's remember to pray everyday that Noah's cancer will go away and never come back. I hope that this helps you understand a little bit about what's happening to Noah. But if you have questions, you can always ask your mom and dad, and if they don't know the answer, maybe you could send me a message or even Noah and we can send you a message back!  Have fun, and remember to pray for Noah.  Melissa

Hope this helps a bit with reading some of our story to your children. God hears their prayers too, and its so very important.


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  2. I think it's great that you guys are fighting this as a family with God leading the way! Just go one day at a time, and before you know it, you will be looking back and asking, "Where did the last three years go?"