Saturday, July 28, 2012

Some things I have learned - Melissa

Some things I have learned this month:
-when I see an over weight kid throwing a huge fit or crying or freaking out for no apparent reason, I will NOT assume that the parents are push overs and let their child eat and do whatever they want. Their child may have cancer or some other disease and is on steroids.
-when I see a woman out in public, and she looks like a complete and udder mess, I will NOT assume she is lazy and has let herself go. She may be going through the worse time of her life and that 'look' is all she can manage.
-when someone is grouchy to me, such as a clerk or someone serving you (even a waitress), I will not hold it against them. Who knows what trials they are facing away from work.
-When my children have called me back into their room at bedtime for the 15th time, I will still go because they may need to tell me that they feel sad about something and need to know that I care. Even if its late and I am tired, they need to know that I am there for them, always.
-I have learned that a sense of humor can take you a fare bit and lighten your load.
- that tears are ok, even if its in the middle of superstore.
-that God is here. He has always been here and always will be.
-that I still need reminders of simple things everyday.
-prayer is always working, even if you aren't the one able to do it.

more to come, I am sure about that.

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